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International Container Shipping Services

To facilitate international container shipping SACD Freight offers sea freight services. We have excellent relationships with all shipping lines which enable us to get your goods from any destination, to any destination, on time and in perfect condition. We have port terminals are located all around South Africa which facilitate our international container shipping services.

International Container Shipping SACD Port Terminals

The Durban facility is strategically located approximately 500 meters the SAPO operated Deep Sea Container Terminal, which is the busiest terminal for international container shipping in Africa.

The harbour freight operation at the Secunda facility includes the total exports for Sasol Polymers in Secunda as well as a steady traffic flow of international container shipping.

The 3 hectare international container shipping facility in Port Elizabeth is situated in the heart of the Eastern Cape's transport and economic centre, just minutes from the Coega deep sea terminal.

SACD Freight, Cape Town is strategically located just 500 meters from the Port's deep sea harbour freight terminal situated on 5 hectares of land dedicated to international container shipping.

Documentation & Transportation Logistics

When using international container shipping to import or export goods it is vital that you have the correct documentation. SACD Freight documentation services ensure that the importing and exporting of goods via international container shipping is transparent and entirely legal in both the country you are moving goods from and the country you are moving goods into.
When importing goods into South Africa we utilise international container shipping. The goods will then reach a port terminal where it will be distributed to a coastal or inland terminal by rail or road. Once goods have reached the terminals they will then be distributed via road or rail to their final destination.
When exporting goods we will distribute your goods from the manufacturing plant via road or rail to one of our various terminals. Goods will then be transported to one of our port terminals via road or rail where they will then be distributed via international container shipping to their final destination.

SACD Freight specialises international container shipping and will provide reliable, flexible and innovative solutions to your needs.

Please contact us should you require our international container shipping services.