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Import and Export Management Documentation Services

When it comes to importing and exporting goods; documentation is the key! At SACD Freight we know that the importing and exporting of goods needs to be a transparent and entirely legal process. Differing regulations and laws between the country of origin and your goods’ destination country can often cause unnecessary problems. Whether moving your products around South Africa, Southern Africa or abroad, the easiest way to combat these problems is to utilise a company that provides the best in import and export documentation services.

SACD Freight Documentation Services

SACD Freight is one of South Africa’s most trusted import and export management documentation service providers. As SACD we offer a complete range of import and export documentation services that absolutely ensures the success of your business.

These import and export documentation services include:

  • Container Terminal Orders (CTOs)
  • Freight Transit Orders (FTOs)
  • Cargo Dues Order (CDOs)
  • Packing lists
  • Rail lists
  • Customs (SARS) and Statutory documentation for import and export cargoes can be arranged by SACD through regional and international partnerships within the forwarding industry

Do not hesitate in entrusting all your import and export documentation service needs to SACD Freight. Contact us today!