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SACDís Supply Chain Management Solutions

When it comes to supply chain management solutions SACD Freight are forward thinkers, and therefore have the capacity to manage the entire supply chain from source and supply, to destination and demand through a partnership with global forwarders.

Supply Chain Management Services

It is important that when choosing a company to provide you with a supply chain management solution that you select a company that can offer you a complete solution. SACD Freight, with its wide array of networks, is such a company.

The hallmarks of this service are a complete package of supply chain management solutions for the delivery of materials, information and finances, in both upstream and downstream directions.

Supply chain management even extends internationally, ensuring your import or export processes are executed, documented and reported like clockwork. We will take care of everything from your documentation requirements to the logistics of the transportation method best suited to your needs.

With the widest distribution of terminals around South Africa, SACD Freight is the obvious choice when it comes to supply chain management services.

Browse through our other services to get a better idea of how we can assist you in moulding the ultimate supply chain management solution or contact us for more information.