At Bidvest SACD we are able to offer supply chain solutions covering all modes of transport and product ranges.

Rail Transport

An intermodal rail contract with Transet and a partnership arrangement beyond South African borders allows Bidvest SACD to offer rail transportation solutions in the supply chain of Southern Africa. Rail Freight transportation focuses primarily on long distance, high volume and non-time sensitive products thereby providing a cost effective and secure transport solution across the main trading corridors.

Road Transport

Bidvest SACD has access to trucks that provide short and long haul road transport services around South Africa. Our transportation logistics expertise enables us to handle a variety of cargo and containers including out-of-gauge. The road transport option is best suited to time sensitive cargoes and x-dock opportunities.

Bidvest SACD provides an efficient on-carriage road transport service between Depots (Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth) on a depot to depot basis or directly to the customer.

Sea Freight

Bidvest SACD has long standing relationships with a number of shipping lines serving South Africa and is able to offer sea freight solutions through the procurement of competitive ocean freight rates and the handling of relevant documentation required by shipping lines and regulatory bodies.